Joint Labour/Management Consultation

Consultation is the established committee in order to consult about workplace issues that affect both the Union and the Employer. The effective conduct of the College’s operation requires the active and continuing participation of the Union. At Consultation in 2019 the CUPE Committee has brought forward for consultation with Management the following issues:

2019 discussions at Consultation:

  • 10 working days application throughout entire CA
  • 18 month maternity leave impact on our members and language
  • BC Transit Strike
  • Benefit Booklets
  • Blind copying of personal information by HR
  • Career Development
  • Construction in the Workplace
  • Departmental reorganizations/program reviews (ABE/College Foundations, Baking)
  • Economic Stability Dividend (ESD)
  • Email access for retirees
  • Family Day
  • Filming on campus
  • Forced vacations (not allowed as per CA)
  • Fortnights
  • HR not completing Reference Checks
  • Interim Senior Leadership
  • Job rating sheets
  • Leaves to instruct
  • Mileage rate
  • Minimum wage
  • Notice periods for layoffs
  • Payroll lag and payback of payroll lag
  • Personnel files
  • STD/Dental benefits
  • Samsung program (unplugged)
  • Selection Committees
  • Seniority while on leaves
  • Service Credits
  • Training
  • Typing speeds for job postings
  • Unreported work for part timers
  • VCC Day
  • Vacation Blackout Periods
  • Whistleblower hotline
  • Working over Christmas

Your representatives on Joint Consultation are: Chris Joyce, President; D. Bates, Chief Shop Steward; Daniel Rohloff, Director; Charly Jadranin, Shop Steward.