Over the past five years, VCC has had more than its fair share of consultants stepping in to replace regular administrators. These consulting contracts, which we have received through numerous FOI requests, make for some seriously eyebrow-raising reading – particularly when these “short term” arrangements get extended year after year (and sometimes, after year).

For example, under Kathy Kinloch, Paula Boddie of Boddie & Associates was contracted to provide “interim” labour relations support for VCC at the eye-watering rate of $2.50/minute – which she did for over two years.
We are keeping an eye out for where and when these folks pop up and will share the facts just as we find them. We – even if the government watchdogs do not!

@kkbcit gone?

Anyone have any insight as to why @kkbcit is gone? Perhaps it was the loss of the VCC trademark case? Or the VCC lawsuit against Save-On-Meats?