Please see the attached email from the VCC Faculty Association Chief Steward where he talks about what the College is offering CUPE for the next rounds of reductions.
We are sending this so you will be aware of what was sent out not because we agree with any of the statements. Please be assured there are errors in the email and your Union and the Employer are in discussions about these reductions.
We are concerned that HR would again discuss with the VCCFA what is clearly CUPE business prior to discussing it with your Union.  A continued example of the anti-union animous behaviour on the part of the HR offices and perhaps Senior Leadership directed at your Union. If you receive any communications regarding reductions, VDIs, early retirement, Layoffs etc., please forward to the Union President or any of the table officers. Thanks.
The Employers figures, in various venues have been swinging wildly and your union looks forward to any clarity the employer ought to be providing.   We would prefer not to have this as a fight but please be clear we are prepared to take any infractions of the labour code or if your collective agreement to the Labour Board.
We will be meeting with the Employer on Monday and will send out a communication to the membership after that.
These are not easy times for the students and the working people at the college.  As always we will continue to support you and keep you informed.

Jo Hansen

Chief Shop Steward, CUPE Local 4627,