Personnel Files

The Union recently filed a grievance (violation of 7.8.5) when we became aware that the HR Department was utilizing students to file confidential documents in personnel files. The College has responded that they “will immediately cease utilizing student workers to access or file documents in personnel files.” This grievance has been resolved! 

We had filed another grievance earlier this year as members’ personnel files contained adverse material older than 18 months (violation of 7.8.9), but also adverse material was put in the personnel file that was not identified to the members at the time of filing (violation of 7.8.1 and 7.8.2). The College has relayed to the Union that “an audit has been conducted on the CUPE member employee files and any adverse material removed if it was there longer than 18 months.” Should you wish to access your personnel file (7.8.3) contact HR. Should you have any questions or concerns contact a steward.

We want to thank the Executive Director, Linda Sanderson, for swiftly taking action to remedy when we filed the grievance about students accessing your confidential personnel files.

7.8 Personnel Files

7.8.1 At the time of filing, the College will provide employees with a copy of evaluation performance statements, letters of commendation and reprimand, and any other documents which may be the basis of disciplinary action.

7.8.2 The College will clearly indicate to the employees at the time of filing that the material is to be placed in their personnel file by the means of a “cc” on the bottom of the document.

7.8.3 Employees or their designates will have access to all material in their official personnel file at a time or at times mutually convenient to the employees and to the College.

7.8.4 Examination of the contents of the official personnel file will be in the presence of a person authorized by the College.

7.8.5 Access to a personnel file is limited to employees, the College President and the excluded staff in the Human Resources department, or their designates.

7.8.6 The College will not release any of the contents of a personnel file or any personal information to unauthorized individuals, including prospective employers, without the written permission of the employees.

7.8.7 The official personnel file will be located in Human Resources.

7.8.8 The College will not keep confidential medical information in a personnel file. If any confidential medical information is sent to the College it will be placed in a sealed file to be opened only with the written permission of the employee.

7.8.9 The College will remove all adverse material from a personnel file 18 months after it has been placed in the file, provided there have been no related incidents or repeated pattern of behaviour which resulted in a reprimand or disciplinary action.

7.8.10 The College will ensure that adverse material that should have been removed is removed prior to anyone viewing the file. If any adverse material that should have been removed is discovered in a personnel file, it will be removed immediately.

7.8.11 The College will not introduce at disciplinary proceedings any documents, etc. from an employee’s personnel file which were not given to the employee at the time they were placed in the file.