Grievances by type

Grievances by YearExample of egregious grievances:

#1 Announcing the possibility of closing the Downtown Bookstore for budgetary reasons at a public meeting.  It was “just a thought bubble”–Management. Remedy: College agrees to respect any and all collective agreement rights and obligation.

#2 Management wants to reclass/promote 2 CUPE positions. Without any quantitative data or reference and adherence to the Gender Neutral Job Evaluation Plan these 2 CUPE positions are placed at the top of the scale Pay Grade 34 ($14,211.82 increase). Smokin’ deal! No job rating sheets provided. Union requests job rating sheets. None have ever been provided. Management counters with market wage comparison including comparison to excluded (management) positions and to positions outside the Lower Mainland. Both of these comparisons are not allowable under that pesky Gender Neutral Job Evaluation plan. Union suggested that management move the “new” duties to an excluded position and that the original duties must stay within the CUPE bargaining unit. No response.

#3 Discrimination of CUPE member on maternity leave. Remedy: discriminatory decision was reversed.

#4 Cancelling job posting after reviewing the applicants. Don’t like who’s qualified and has seniority? Just don’t fill the job. Remedy: position filled.

#5 Email notification of layoff. Members were sent email notification of layoff, not that this was valid in any way shape or form, but they didn’t even include the Union in the notification. The Union was in the perplexing situation of having absolutely no idea which members had received layoff notice. Interesting legal questions to pose: does your layoff begin the date you open your email or the date they send it? Policy grievances begin at Step 3. Management has no understanding. Lawyers. Letters. Legal bills. Arbitration. Union agrees to “step 3A” to avoid arbitration. Remedy: members were given layoff notice as provided for in the CA and upon return from their approved leave.