The Union has filed a grievance in regards to College Course Registration. Included in this email is the language in the Collective Agreement in regards to registering for “courses offered by the college”. This includes Continuing Studies and the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP). The language is clear: “as long as their attendance will not displace a fee-paying student”.

At some juncture, without consultation or notification to the Union, the Employer (ER) limited the number of fee-waivers to 1 per course for Continuing Studies. As to PIDP “funding” for the College being exhausted or limited to only 2 employee seats per course, again, that does not apply to CUPE staff because of language in the CA: 20.3 College Course Registration and 22.3 Policies.
If you have been denied registration in a college course at any point in 2018 please advise the Union ASAP.
20.3 College Course Registration

CUPE 4627 CA College Course Registration

22.3 Policies

CUPE 4627 CA 22.3 Policies