Previously reported as missing, apparently there is an Institutional Accountability Plan & Report according to an FOI response from the Ministry of Advanced Education. And apparently it’s so harmful that the public can’t see it.

AVED FOI Response Institutional & Accountability Report

AVED FOI Response Institutional & Accountability Report

“Some information has been withheld…” including the actual Institutional Accountability Plan & Report itself. Why? “Under section(s) 17 Disclosure harmful to the financial or economic interests of a public body.”

The same FOI request to VCC came with a response that there were no records responsive.

VCC FOI Response no records responsive

Last week’s post about Freedom of Information Requests seems to obviously not be a one off. Another complaint will be filed with the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner. A better question is where is the accountability? Is it with VCC Administration? The Ministry? The VCC Board of Governors?