College Contracting CUPE positions at Blenz Coffee Bar 

The Employer (VCC) negotiated a contract with Blenz Coffee knowing our Union certification under the Labour Relations Board covers this type of work.

In September of 2015 three barista positions were laid off while the Employer was negotiating with Blenz Coffee. The Employer has shown blatant disregard for CUPE positions and for your Collective Agreement (CA). The Employer is well aware of the clauses in your CA regarding contracting out and that contracting out will not result in the layoff of permanent employees. This is not the only department that the Employer is or is intending to contract out.

In an effort to save CUPE 4627 jobs we are asking that beginning Monday February 22, 2016 you not be a customer of Blenz Coffee at VCC. Please share this information with students and the college community.